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Reverse Hairloss with PRP Hair Treatment

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After brushing through again, you can see more of your scalp than ever before. Those of you who are among the estimated 80 million Americans who suffer from androgenetic alopecia (also known as male and female pattern baldness) will be all too acquainted with this predicament.

Losing your hair may be heartbreaking, especially to your sense of self-worth and social life. One study found that around 29% of women suffering hair loss also showed indicators of depression. Male pattern baldness may be an “enormous emotional burden,” according to the results of another source.

However, a new natural technique may provide sufferers hope for hair regeneration without needing drugs or topical creams. Injecting the patient with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a cutting-edge technology that uses the patient’s blood platelets. The usage of platelets, a kind of cell that promotes healing all over the body, may be able to stop hair loss and even stimulate the growth of new hair. Also, you should opt for the PRP hair treatment Mumbai now.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment for hair restoration is a novel procedure, but it offers hope for patients who want to regain a natural appearance and confidence.

The mechanism of PRP:

Hair loss may happen throughout adulthood, while age and heredity are the most common risk factors. The reduced size of the sacs that hold individual hairs in place on the scalp causes balding. Because of this, hair loss is possible and eventually manifests as a balding scalp.

Experts in sports medicine have used PRP to speed recovery from musculoskeletal and tendon injuries. Injecting a patient’s blood platelets and activating growth factors has been shown to increase blood flow to hair follicles and thicken hair shafts, perhaps helping to cure hair loss.

Injections are to be repeated monthly for the first three months and then every three to six months afterward.

There is a low risk of side effects from the procedure, which involves blood transfusion. Rare but probable complications include bleeding, hematoma, infection, and nerve damage. Patients on anticoagulants, individuals with an active scalp infection, chronic liver disease, or a low platelet count should not have PRP. As you take the suggestions from the PRP hair treatment doctor Mumbai, you can expect the best outcomes.

Can individuals who suffer from hair loss benefit from PRP therapy?

As with any novel approach, we are now collecting long-term data to learn more about PRP’s potential for new and sustained hair regeneration. Patients may now combine PRP injection therapy with additional treatments, including medication, to combat hair loss. Patients who visit the board-certified doctors and surgeons in the Plastic Surgery Division at UT Southwestern have expressed satisfaction with their operations. As our understanding of this exciting new therapy grows, we anticipate being better equipped to help patients dealing with hair loss reach their goals by implementing a treatment plan that includes PRP.

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