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Best hair & Skin Care for Winter

by Skin Love Clinic

What are the Best Hair & Skincare for winter?

You should take somewhat better care of your body throughout the winter months. You get your woolens out of their storage containers with the air becoming chillier. Dry air, low humidity, high winds, and artificial heating systems are all harmful to your hair and skin, although these factors are typically ignored.

If you’re looking for some winter advice:

Moisturise Well

Your hair is exposed to harsh winter conditions since you cannot protect it with thick layers of woolen clothing. If your hair has lost moisture due to dry air or heating systems exposure, a deep conditioning treatment is advised once a week. You might try using conditioner or having an oil massage to achieve this.

Be mindful of how often you wash your hair

The filth and oil buildup in your hair is not as harmful in the winter as in the summer. If you wash it more than twice or three times a week, you risk drying it out. Additionally, it would help if you did not go out into the fresh air when your hair is still wet, as this may cause it to dry out and become brittle. After the hair transplant in Matunga, you need to be specific.

How you dry your hair makes a big difference

It’s essential to limit the usage of the blow dryer in the colder months. When you’re done, pat dry with a towel and give yourself a quick heat treatment to seal the benefits.

It would help if you didn’t skip your hair-cutting appointments

Trimming your hair regularly (every 6-8 weeks) is essential to maintaining healthy hair and reducing the risk of dry, broken ends.

Wear something to hide your head and shoulders

Protect your hair from the harsh impacts of cold weather by wrapping a scarf around your neck or wearing a thick cap.

Please put your hair dyes into hibernation.

It may be a good idea for those who dye or highlight their hair to take a break over the holiday season. Hair care experts advocate avoiding putting the hair under any chemical stress, or at least not putting it through as much pressure as you would with more extreme highlights. You will be supported well by the skin specialist in Matunga.

Avoiding Winter Skin Damage

Temperature-Modified Baths and Showers

After surviving the biting cold, a hot bath may seem like bliss, but it may not be the best thing for your skin in the long term. A warm or lukewarm bath can help maintain your skin’s natural oils.

Use mild soap and shampoo.

Winter is not the time to be rough on your skin and strip it of its natural oils, as in the warmer summer months when dirt and filth need to be scrubbed away with zeal. To help your skin hold onto its natural moisture, choose a body wash or soap that is either soap-free or nourishing.

A word of caution: use sunscreen!

The sun’s rays in the winter may not look as strong as in the summer, but they may still harm your skin. Moisturizers with an SPF of 15 or higher are recommended for use before heading outside.

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