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7 Habits That Can Worsen Your Acne

by Skin Love Clinic

Your acne may be worse by the following seven habits.

One of the most unpleasant things a person may go through is dealing with acne and realizing that their therapies aren’t helping. On certain days, it may seem that your skin’s state won’t improve, no matter how much you try to cleanse, mask, or apply your favorite acne treatment. In the worst-case situation, your acne may potentially get worse as time passes.

Here is a list of seven poor behaviors that may be contributing to your acne to help you find a solution to your skincare routine

Getting Acne and Popping It

Because picking at pimples may be so appealing, this is likely the most well-known and potentially dangerous behavior on this list.

Always and only using regional care

Remembering that the skin’s surface is linked to the oil glands underneath via a network of hundreds of small pipes is crucial for avoiding and treating acne. This means that a zit might result from a blockage in any of thousands of channels. In other words, only treating acne breakouts as they appear

This is a new, unhealthy variation of an old problem.

While it may seem rational to use acne treatments when necessary, daily use of a mild medication is the most effective strategy. Gentle acne treatment with salicylic acid daily is a great approach to avoid breakouts. Consult with a skin specialist in Matunga for a better understanding.

Repetitively removing the epidermis by scratching or picking

Some people mistakenly believe, but honestly hope, that removing the top layer of dead skin with exfoliation will make their acne disappear. Assuming you are self-aware enough to recognize this pattern of behavior, it is time to make some changes.

Using High-Density Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide, an antibacterial agent, is a common ingredient in products that treat acne and whiteheads. This antibacterial ingredient effectively reduces the number of bacteria and germs on the skin’s surface. Because of its ability to facilitate the development of acne, it is a common ingredient in products designed to treat the condition. The pharmacy brand name Acnecide may also be familiar to you.

Using every “skin care hack,” you come across on the web

Different skin care procedures and regimens have gained prominence in recent years. People are increasingly interested in improving their skin health through various “short cures” and longer-term strategies. As more people care about their appearance and try out different approaches, discussions regarding skincare products and techniques have increased.

Not Using Any Moisturizer

One myth is that acne may be cured by drying the skin. You should know that your skin’s oil production and water content are two separate factors. Your face will still break out in zits and pimples even if you dry it like a desert. Look for oil-free moisturizers if your skin tends to produce excess oil. Using it before tackling acne is intelligent because it can help prep the skin and keep it hydrated. Apply it as a base to your skin.

Conclusion If you have been dealing with acne that has no sign of clearing up, it’s tempting to give up hope. If you follow this advice, you may be able to eliminate the problem and restore smoother, less blemished skin. You don’t have to look any further than your existing routine and habits to get answers; this is the best place to start. Evaluate your current approach carefully and be ready to ditch it if it isn’t yielding results. Also, don’t forget that skin specialist in Matunga can help you look your best as you work on building a safe and effective skincare routine.

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