What is Thread-lift?

Thread-lift is a procedure in which temporary sutures are placed in the skin at particular layers that give rise to a subtle skin lift. Instead of having loose facial skin removed surgically, this procedure suspends skin by lifting it in portions. The procedure makes the skin look pulled back, giving it a tight lift. Thread-lift also combats signs of ageing by activating the body’s healing response and causing collagen to surge towards the treated areas of the skin.

What is Collagen?

Collagen plays a vital role in the process of ageing. While it helps keep the skin supple, strong, and voluminous, collagen also assists the skin in healing any wounds. With age, the body begins to reduce the amount of collagen it produces. This leads to the thinning of the skin layers causing them to become weak. The loss of volume and strength of the skin begins to cause wrinkles and drooping. 


The Procedure

1. Examination of the areas of your face to be enhanced

2. Numbing cream is applied or local anesthesia in the form injection at the local site is given prior to onset on procedure. 

3. Contour lines as designated and drawn on the face

4. Our cosmetologist inserts thin threads into the face through tiny incisions made in the targeted area. 

5. These threads attach to the skin tissue and are then pulled back to lift and smooth the face. 

6. Once the threads are knotted, they become hidden within the skin itself, and any scarring that results will be virtually invisible.

7. Almost immediately, treated areas will be raised slightly, eliminating sagging and giving patients a rejuvenated appearance.

8. Because you usually remain fully conscious during the procedure, you can approve the look of their thread-lift while the surgeon works.


Benefits of Tread-lift

• Combats signs of ageing caused due to reduction in the production of collagen

• Good for mild to moderate skin laxity

• Mild invasive procedure for skin firmness.

• Treats hollow or sagging cheeks 

• Reduces deep wrinkles and scars.


Important points to consider

• Anyone in their late thirties to early fifties can take the treatment.
• Most individuals do not feel the sutures once the skin around them has healed.
• Comparatively lesser recovery time as compared to a face lift procedure.
• Some amount of soreness, redness or swelling might occur.
• No permanent scarring or bruising.
• Affordable as compared to a face lift surgery.
• The procedure is a great alternative to face lift surgeries for older individuals.
• Individuals must refrain from itching or rubbing their face while cleansing for at least a week.
• One must try and avoid rolling on the face while sleeping.



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