Platelets Rich Plasma (PRP)

What is Platelets Rich Plasma (PRP)?

Plasma, a component of the blood in the human body, helps with clotting of the blood in case of injuries; it is also widely used in cosmetic skin treatments as it supports cell growth.
Platelet-rich plasma, known as PRP, is plasma that is isolated from the blood, and then concentrated. This concentrated plasma when injected into the damaged tissue cells, stimulates the growth of healthy new cells. These cell fragments play an important role in tissue repair and re-generation by regulating fundamental mechanisms that are involved in the healing process.

The Procedure

1. Blood is drawn from the arm.
2. It is then placed in a medical device known as the Centrifuge, which separates the platelets from the blood.
3. Platelet-rich plasma is then re-injected into the skin.

Benefits of PRP

• Reduction in fine lines

• Youthful Skin

• Skin hydration

• Smoothened wrinkles

• Nourished skin

• Reduction of under eye fine lines and darkness

Important points to consider

• The process of PRP treatment may cause redness of skin and small bumps on the surface of the skin. 

• The redness and bumps on skin will subside in a few days.

What is PRP hair treatment?

Blood is made up of Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells, Plasma and Platelets.
Plasma, which is the fluid part of the blood, is responsible for carrying blood cells and nutrients throughout the body.
Platelets, which are minuscule cells in the blood, are responsible for the clotting of blood and repairing any form of damage done to any part of the body when bleeding occurs. Platelets also help stimulate tissue recovery by increasing blood flow, and enhancing the functioning of hair follicles.

The Procedure

1. Platelet-Rich Plasma, is a concentration of plasma consisting of platelets minus the red blood cells and white blood cells.
2. The PRP concentration is derived from the blood taken from the patient, and is then injected into the scalp to promote better hair growth.

Why choose PRP Therapy for hair growth?

• Minimal side-effects
• The recovery time is far lesser as compared to any other hair procedures
• Quick and effective treatment process

Who can opt for the treatment?

PRP treatment is recommended for those who :
• Have low-density hair
• Do not indulge in the heavy use of drugs, cigarettes or alcohol
• Do not take blood thinners
• Do not suffer from serious medical conditions such as:

• Chronic skin diseases
• Cancer
• Blood or Metabolic disorders
• Platelet Dysfunction Syndrome

Important points to consider

• PRP treatment has minimal recovery time and no side-effects

• The PRP procedure consists of anywhere between 1-8 sessions, depending on individual requirements.

• The treatment results usually last for about 12 months, so the procedure need not be repeated more than once a year.

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