What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical technique in which vitamins, growth factors and plant extracts are injected through a series of injections, to help rejuvenate and revitalize the skin of face and neck.

The Procedure

1. Numbing medicine is applied to your skin. 

2. A series of injections using a special micro needle is injected into the middle layer of the skin. The needle may be attached to a mechanical gun to deliver many injections in a row.

3. The injections can be given at different depths — from 1 to 4 millimeters into your skin — depending on what condition you’re having treated. 

4. Each injection places a sufficient amount of the blend of nutritious vitamins solution into your skin.

Benefits of Mesotherapy

• The skin receives a boost of vitamins, serums and other blends loaded with nutrition, leaving it feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

• Although swelling and bruising might appear and persist around the treated area for a few days, the treatment leaves no permanent scars.

• Requires no sedation

• The treatment makes for a good anti-aging skin routine, offering a boost of radiance and energy.

• Helps brighten the face and even out skin tone

• Treats skin problems such as melasma, pigmentations and dark spots in addition to its uses as a cosmetic procedure.

Important points to consider

• Usually, the treatment does not require any down time.
• The procedure helps correct underlying issues such as, poor blood circulation and skin inflammation.
• The number of injections and sessions vary depending upon the skin treatment required and the effects of the treatment of an individual.

What is Mesotherapy for Hair Loss?

Mesotherapy is a technique used to treat baldness. The treatment requires the injection of nutrient-rich liquid directly into the skin. It is also referred to as the “treatment of the mesoderm”.

When correcting the diet and lifestyle fail to help with hair growth, Mesotherapy treatment is used as an alternative to help cure bald patches by reducing hair loss, and promoting hair growth. Mesotherapy regulates the proteins and nutrient levels in the scalp. It is a minimally invasive procedure that involves injecting nutrient boosters to help nourish and hydrate the scalp. Mesotherapy helps initiate cell metabolism, promoting hair growth, improving blood circulation in the scalp and reviving hair follicles by strengthening them to create voluminous, strong and healthy hair growth.

The Procedure

1. Nutrient-rich liquid is injected in the mesoderm of the scalp

2. Special equipment with a sterile needle is used to inject solutions in the scalp

3. The treatment sessions may vary depending on the requirement of the individual

Benefits of Mesotherapy

• The treatment is considered safe, with no side effects or allergic reactions.
• Requires little to no downtime
• Comparatively faster than the other treatments
• Helps reverse hormonal imbalance
• Accelerates healthy hair growth
• Helps treat dandruff

Important points to consider

• Mesotherapy can be opted for by men and women who are facing extreme hair loss and baldness due to various reasons.

• Pregnant women, and individuals suffering from skin ailments, skin inflammation, and diabetes should refrain from the treatment.

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